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Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
In trying to understand the introduce it earlier argument.

1. There's no doubt concussion incidents rise as soon as body checking is introduced into the game. The stats are out there.

If we introduce it earlier we'll rely on the fact the kids are smaller so they won't be able to give each other as many concussions. go go laws of momentum.

This way when the kids are bigger. They'll be practiced enough not to concuss each other or to defend themselves from concussions.

If we apply that logic there should be a noticeable higher rate of concussions among bantam and midget aged players in provinces that bar hitting in peewee. I think Quebec is the other province now after doing some reading.

Would be interesting to see the data. Would also like to see how concussions effect children depending on age. Is a mild head injury to a 14 year old the same as one to an 8 year old?

I'm no expert.. perhaps they're still trying to find this information out.
go to the hockey alberta website. They have Canadian Pediatric Study there ...

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