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Originally Posted by randylahey View Post
I think a lot of people here are missing the boat on another huge reason this was done. Numbers of hockey players are dropping and a huge reason is safety. Parents don't like the hitting aspect. Now this gives the kids another 2 years of playing without hitting. In reality hitting should probably only be in the elite stream and make the rest no-hitting. That's my opinion at least
good point, but its not just the parents not liking it. Medical experts have the data supporting the incident rate and risk of concussions. Now the only thing that remains is the argument if you introduce it earlier will you reduce the number of concussions or increase? I think I'd side withthe medical experts over the redneck vac truck driver anyday.

I think Ontario has the Major/Minor system too. Since kids physical development is not uniform (ie 5'10" bantam players and 5'3" bantam players), Ontario has first years play first years and second play second.

ie AAA Minor peewee is all first years, AAA major peewee is second years.

This may help a little with the size differential, but you'll still get some kids that are much bigger.....

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