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Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
Sounds like a few people here without kids.

My son isn't elite, although trying out for Rep. I really don't see a problem with it, because kids get concussions in Peewee. Regularly.

In our first game this past season, one of our 2nd years gave two kids concussions on the other team, one out for the season.

One of our kids has had four concussions over two seasons. My son had a minor one as well. (Meaning that it only affected him for a day or two.)

The benefit, for me, is that kids should be stronger on their skates, better with the puck, and more agile to avoid the crushing checks.

Although, if I were making the decision, I would eliminate checking in lower divisions, and not categorize it by age. For Edmonton by example, I would allow hitting in Tier 4 and up starting in Peewee, or maybe bring it down to Atom.

I think the problem is having hockey players that lack the skill, agility and awareness to properly handle hitting.
First, I am a parent of a former minor hockey player. Also former executive, coach and timekeeper.

What I remember, once they hit Peewee they were either scared ****less of hitting were pumped up for it. Now in Bantam we will have the boys with hormones acting up. I had always been a proponent of keeping it in the game from the start, atom or novice. If they were going to keep it at Peewee they should have split the age group to Peewee Minor (11yrs) and Peewee Major (12yrs), this would keep the older kids away from the new kids to hitting.

Again, don't know why they don't push the non hit league more.

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