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Originally Posted by NYRKING30 View Post
I am not an NBA buff but have a little bit of knowledge. I know about Pacers-Knicks 90s Reggie/Ewing/Starks but it seems to me that Long island was louder then MSG last night mind you one was a second round series. Anyone with more experience care to elaborate (idk why im intrigued by this). I also think that Rangers playoff game and Knick playoff games are two completely different vibes and I feel the vibe is better at MSG for the Rangers in the spring. Correct me if I am wrong.
I don't have the decibel readings to prove you right or wrong, but I think you are showing a major hockey bias here. Basketball is arguably the biggest sport in New York.

While I believe the average hockey fan is more passionate than the average basketball fan, I don't believe that either could be considered "louder". The Garden gets just as loud for Knicks game as it does for Rangers games. The difference is since basketball scoring is so much more frequent than hockey scoring, basketball fans can't get as pumped up for a tip-in for 2 points as hockey fans can for the garbage goal.

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