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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I think I know how to get a good edge early. You can play 2 games per day, but the second games are tourney games aka credit tourney. We should setup a tourney of 8 teams and just run it for the whole season to accumulate bonus OTR.

YOU ARE EVIL!!! In soccer you could change your name free once after beta. I assume Handball will be the same. Wowzers, you have 2 guys better than any of mine (by OR) and I have 2-3 guys better than any of saint2e's. There really is a lack of balance!

I remember in soccer my team's average OR was 10 lower than everyone else (130 vs 140 or something). I did well getting a 2nd place finish out of them. Rode my GK and 1-atty-junk-shooting CF hard that year...
Count me in for the credit tourney for otr

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