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01-02-2004, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Kvashinator12
i agree and the players should be allowed to police themselves. Havlat is a freaking baby though. He makes Mario look like he never cries about getting hit. Everytime you hit Havlat, there is a chance Havlat could be called for a penalty. Someone needs to explain to him this is the NHL not pairs figure skating.
I think if he was a baby he'd run to the refs complaining. Instead he turns around and gives a glove or worse to the perp.

But i'll give you a maybe on that one.

I will say there's a certain line that obviously is blurry to him when it
comes to taking physical play around the front of the net.

Still, from a fan perspective, I prefer his "fiery" temperment (obviously not wishing to see anyone get hurt that is) to what we used to have around here. i.e. too may players getting pushed around with little to show for it other than a pretty convincing imitation of a turtle.

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