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05-08-2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Draft View Post
Our best scorer? Are you kidding? The guys got a valid point. He struggled in several games. His great flashes were when he scored and set up plays, he's got a lot of potential which he showed quite consistently but you're just being ridiculous. He wasn't bashing him, he just had an opinion about his development. You're all over these boards and you are SUCH a homer. Get real man, tone it down a little.
How many points has he got in those playoffs? 3
How many points does our best scorer have in those playoffs? 3

How many points did he have since the 1st of April? 7 - 8 - 15pts in 18 games
How many points did our best scorer have since the 1st of April? You got it right, 15pts in 18 games. It was him.

And if you watched the game, you'd know of all the guys who produced offensively, he's the one who created the most scoring chances in the playoffs.

You're the one being ridiculous for not knowing how to read.

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