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05-08-2013, 02:06 PM
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I am 5`9 180lbs and well built player. I am pretty muscular and have strength, and a player a few inches shorter than me tries to beat me to a puck near the boards in the upper B league game . I beat him to the puck and make a quick pass, but I stand my ground to brace for him coming at me. The player runs into me with his shoulder lowered and falls down hard. He doesn't have the same strength on skates as me and hits my shoulder and falls down. He pops he shoulder out of place or broke the collarbone and is in pain on the ice. I ask the guy if he is okay, our captain calls a timeout showing sportsmanship. One of his teammate and a terrible player jumps on me trying to fight me calling me a p***y. There was no penalty on the play because I didn't do anything to him but stand my ground and got the puck before him. I feel bad for the guy, but I am not going to get into a fight and get suspended against the worse team in the league because the player can't stop. I didn't mean to hurt the guy and told their captain to tell him I hope he is okay. Their team is clearly the worse team in the league and we are a lock for the playoffs. I really wanted to beat the **** out of the guy who tried to jump me, but it is beer league and their own players fault. Lets face it if you play beer league the odds are that you have to work for a living and fighting in not part of rec hockey. The ref talked to me laughing about the TOUGH Guy and was like thank god you didn't go after he he can't skate so I doubt he can fight. Why would someone try to pick a fight in beer league because their players can't skate and are playing over their skill level.

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