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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
Lots of people here have kids. Me included. Just becauise we disagree with the decision doesnt mean their opinion or how they value their kids is any less than yours.
My kid has played "rep" hockey for basically his whole career of 8 years. The concussions are few & far between that I have seen. In my opinion this is simply an extension of the nanny state we are in. Its a contact sport. Stuff is going to happen. Just enforce the rules . Like, should football outlaw tackilng, play at the line?
Furthuremore most anybody who has ever watched bantam hockey would tell you with the massive size differential its about the worst time to institute checking. As well, kids at that age are just starting to be idiots, for lack of a better word.
I fuind it curious that Hockey Alberta absolutly ignored its constiuents (the parents) & its member orgaizations & did what it always wanted to do anyways. They could have taken a more thoughtful approach, such as :
1) making year specificc league as they do down east
2) excepting out rep hockey from the rule
3) expand the no hit leagues

Instead, they take the risk management approach. Its frankly ridiculous.
I actually made the comment so people who do and don't could make the distinction so we could know where they are coming from.

I agree with everything you said. My thought is that it should be skill before age.

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