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Originally Posted by Lacaar View Post
why is it worse?

Bantam kids that are entering "idiot" phase are less "Idiot's" when they start checking earlier? Are you suggesting they somehow mature and make better "Emotional" decisions on the ice because they learned to check earlier in life?

While one can argue a child learns how to take a hit earlier may be able to avoid them better when the stakes are larger. Can't the same argument apply that he's also more skilled at delivering an effective body check? (clean hits cause concussions too.)

This testosterone and puberty argument make no sense to me. Boys will get mad.. Boys will make bad decisions on the ice.

Is this whole argument based on some kind of assumption that skilled bodycheckers cause less concussions then less skilled?
i think he means just at that age some kids might be more likely to hit to injure as opposed to peewee, and kids are better to defend when they have learned to take a hit before hand. i was 6 foot 3 and was heavier than most in my second year of bantam hockey, i guarantee those first year kids were happy they had learned to take some hits from smaller guys before i started hitting them

and clean hits causing injury are going to happen, injury can happen just by skating in a straight line and falling. if your that affraid of injuries, stay at home its a sport it might happen get used to it

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