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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
I really don't see what any of this proves to be honest.

It's common sense that a league that has hitting would have more injuries.

Quebec doesn't allow hitting until Bantam, but injuries are the same as Alberta that does allow hitting earlier. So...
Exactly,you said hitting in PeeWee doesn't reduce the frequency of injuries in Bantam so what's the point of introducing hitting in PeeWee??

It doesn't "prove" anything.

The data "strongly supports" that there is no difference in injuries or concussions in Bantam, whether the kids had hitting in PeeWee or Bantam (Que vs AB). The rate was virtually the same. So the arguement that teaching them earlier (PeeWee) reduces injuries later in hockey (Bantam) is completely wrong.

It states that there are more injuries and concussions in PeeWee in leagues with contact (like you said "duh!").

So if it increases injuries and concussions in peeWee but doesn't reduce them in later years, what's the argument in support of hitting in PeeWee. There is none.

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