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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post

Barry Willer he was the guy I was thinking of, that article really has nothing though other than his opinion. I'll try find the podcast.

"Personally, I think that would be a mistake," Willer said. "All you're doing is putting it [bodychecking]off and putting it off to an age where the players are bigger and stronger and have more testosterone. The injury rates will not only be higher, but I think more serious."
people making these decisions shouldnt even need a doctors study to come to this conclusion. its baffling that this isnt the common sense conclusion to the issue.

The difference in size between 13/14 year olds is drastic compared to 11/12 year olds.

The arguement that they should dedicate peewee practices to teaching the kids how to hit/take hits so they dont get their head taken off in Bantam is ********. You want to dedicate already limited icetime to something that has no effect on the kids season right now to give them a few 1hr sessions on hitting? something that if phased into the game properly at a young age doesnt need to have practices dedicated to it?

the people coming up with these rules cannot be people that have played or are invloved in the game in any capacity the common sense is just not there.

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