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01-02-2004, 02:48 PM
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-On the accoutability issue, I agree that maybe Malakov needs to be benched and that Kovie should not (at least not for an entire game). Kovie looks out of sorts right now but I agree with Klingsor when he says it doesn't seem to be from a lack of effort.

-Last nights game was simply maddening. Was I the only guy watching the Rangers dominate in the beginning of the first and saying to myself "I wonder how their gonna F this one up now?"

-PK was absolutely bad BUT I'd like to point out two things. Although the Danton goal at the end of the first was the worst Dunham gave up, the Pronger goal was not much better. It was a point shot without a screen and it's not like the shot was labeled for the top corner off the cross bar/post. Dunham should have had it. It's been said before but your best penalty killer has to be your goalie and that wasn't the case last night.

The 2nd thing was on the Kovalev penalties. The situation began when Malakov lost his stick at around the face off circle. Rheume gave his stick up and St. Louis smartly played it to their advantage and it was a huge reason for the goal being scored. BUT what I noticed and why I was yelling at my TV was that Malakov's stick (not broken) was basically kicked out of the zone by a Blues player while they were setting up the PP. Of course this went unnoticed by the Refs as had they had seen it they should have called an unsportsmanlike penalty on the blues.

-Amazing that they came that close to tying it at the end. At least they didn't pack it in at 5-2. This loss hurts but I think most of the team showed up. I said 3 out of 4 and the trip would be successful and they can still do that with a win at Pitt.

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