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01-02-2004, 03:51 PM
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which players will benefit from a change of scenery

Sometimes a player isn't playing well because there are rumors that he will be traded.
Contract talks may be another reason.
Angry with the coach.
Hates the team.

Straka for example knew he was going to be traded and played much better after wards.
Pittsburgh NHL 22 4 8 12 -16
Los Angeles NHL 14 5 4 9 +2

Rumors have it that Satan (well most Buffalo players are mad at Ruff) Could this be a reason why hes play has been down.

but what I what to know are why are some others playing poorly that could help another team if they were traded

Modano off ice problems wouldn't go away if he was traded. (he's playing better any way now) Same would go for someone with a nagging injury.

but what about
Roman Hamrlik his name comes up a lot in trade rumors hes currently on pace for 0g 24a= 24 +11 48 pim

Even his PIM is way down from what he usually is on pace for.

would it help if he were traded?

Jeff O'Neil was supposely having a tough time with his coach too. Now that the coach is gone is O'Neil performing better?

Lidstrom hasn't been performing too well this year. (I have him on a fantasy team I should know) Whats his problem?

Jovanovski isn't playing too well either (I have him too :mad: ) Whats his problem? I remember their was a thread about this a week or two ago. So no need to really anwser about him.

Boston as a whole isn't playing too well but Murray and Samsonov numbers seem way down. Joe's number too although they are still high. So what is wrong with them?

Modry isn't playing well. Can't we just trade him. He'll play better on someone else team. (I can't guarantee that) Just take him. Please.

So is their a reason some of these guys aren't playing up to expectations? Or do some of them just need to play better and their isn't a reason?

Modry did have surgery on his shoulder before the season started but more likely its just him sucking.

(How hard is to pass the puck to Ziggy and have him do all the work rack up the 2nd assist man. You did that with Allison. You were scoring goals last year too! :mad: )

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