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05-08-2013, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Slats432 View Post
Another interesting quote. "No, that's not hockey. Hockey's a physical game and you've got to learn to keep your head up."

Why should a kid suffer a life long concussion issue because on one day, one pass in the skates got his lights knocked out?

I saw this year alone, 5 or 6 concussions on the ice. And someone asked about defining a minor concussion. My son's was minor. Zero symptoms in two days.

When he got hit, the player 5'10 or so 12 year old hit him, and he lost balance and crashed face first(Standing) into the boards. Large pupils. Headache. A little disoriented. Shut him down for the game.

Two days later no evidence of a problem. Took him to the doctor and he was cleared to play the next game.

Most kids play for the love of the game. Chances are, one, maybe two kids playing in Edmonton right now will make the NHL. That leaves everyone else. What is the benefit of our kids being subject to physical punishment this early in life?
That is why there should be two leagues. One with contact and the other without. Those that dont want it can register for the nhl.

Kids who intend to play contact hockey should learn the game that way from the start, not at some point along the way. Too many bad habits will be formed along the way making them more vulnerable later than they otherwise would have been if they had been brought up with hitting from the start.

However those kids who dont want to play in the contact league should always have the option to play in a no contact league. No question.

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