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09-23-2006, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
I have not said that a stick check/lift is illegal...I dont see where anyone else has said it was totally illegal. Just that it must be with in the legal frame work established in the situations manual.

I disagree that there is any grey area. USA and above have made it painfully clear what the intention is in these enforcement and interpretations. As a goalie, the "stick infractions" place a HUGE restriction on my Defense. They must show a much higher level of skill in defending a pass to the front of the net. They cant simply stand there lifting/interfering legally as it has been in the past. Now they must develop skills to anticipate and time the stick check. Again, falling in line with the skills and speed being primary.

As much as I dislike to say it, I have to agree that it will be better for the game. It will be a difficult adjustment to those who have been coached/played for several years but for those coming up at the youngest levels it will mean more skills and a better game. We all know that a well timed stick check to lift an opponents stick has a much better success rate than being early. Both offense and Defensive stick work skills will have to be improved making it a more exciting game for the spectators.
Lifting the stick is legal as long as it's only for about a second or two regardless of puck possesion.

At least thats what we were told at the Atlantic District Reffing seminar this afternoon. So that should end this discussin.

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