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Originally Posted by joestevens29 View Post
The reasoning was at peewee kids bodies are changing far too much and aren't on an even playing field. Add hormones and it was suggested that kids that learn to hit when there is less testostrone would learn the safe way to hit.
i dont buy this at all.

anyone who has played hockey growing up in any legit format (travel teams, etc) understands where injuries come from a majority of the time.

a) most kids know and are skilled enough to keep their head up in MOST situations to avoid hits.
b) most injuries i can remember came from SKETCHY players hitting people in vulnerable situations or just trying to be straight up mother-f'ers. i cant think of any major injuries between me AND my brother where a legit body check did some major damage on someone. there was plenty of cheap, sketchy hits that caused major problems, though. kids flying through the air crosschecking from behind to the head. sticks to throats. hits in the back. summed up: it was never a problem of "hitting technique".

pretty indifferent to the decision (meaning, im fine with it... wherever it takes place). but all this hilarious "sport science" garbage is out to lunch.

"yeah we ran this study and we made up a theory that if kids start to learn proper bodychecking at age 10 they wont be ****** at 13-16 when theyre raging with hormones, think theyre hot crap and are just stepping into Macho Zone. and the penalties for being a ***** is slim to nil in any grand scheme."

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