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09-23-2006, 08:42 PM
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In a game today I personally saw 6 penalties assessed for interference when a player lifted the stick of another not in possession of the puck and away from the play. In one case contact was for about 3-4 seconds. In the others it was just a fraction of a second. After the game the reffing crew explained that this type of stick infraction is to be enforced STRICTLY. Away from the play it is considered an illegal stick usage, an intimidation tactic and interference. what possible reason can a player have for lifting a stick of another away from the play? only gain a competitive edge not based on skill or an illegal tactic. a second or about 3 and do Refs now do a thousand count or keep a stop watch? that is the most rediculous thing i have heard on the subject to date.

when will reffing bodies stop putting their own bias into the interpretations and go with the USA governing bodies intentions? its only harmful to the game when this happens. These diluted interpretations are simply the result of old time players keeping their paradigms. LET IT GO and let the game improve. Enforcement MUST be held to hte higher standard. there is no reasonable excuse for these dilutions.

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