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01-02-2004, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Av-merican
NO trade was worse than some of the deals Reggie Houle pulled in his brief-but-disastrous tenure as Habs GM. Kovalenko, Rucinsky, and Thibault for Roy and Keane. Turgeon for Corson. Wow, bad, but for obvious reasons I'm very grateful the Roy trade took place.
why does everyone always assume great deals can be made when there are public "trade me" disputes?

NEW FLASH: public trade demands bring diminished returns. the most basic reason for this is that all GM's know you have to move the disgruntled player. the exceptions are few - mike danton (NJ) comes to mind - and the lindros trade that is the extreme exception to well, almost every rule imaginable.

but mike comrie, patrick roy, pavel bure, marc savard, doug gilmour (less a demand than a personal _must_ trade situation), and a few i can't think of - all saw diminished returns in the views of fans and media. when will people figure this out? it continues to astonish me.

as for bad trades that stick out for me, besides anything that mike milbury has done:

- janne niniimaa for luke richardson (mr. clarke, when slats calls you, HANG UP THE PHONE!)
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd pick + maxime oullette (sp?) for 25 games of adam oates
- boris mironov and dean mcammond for christian laflamme, dan cleary, chad kilger and some other guy (basically three regular NHL'ers for one bad one and one band-aid one)
- bryan mccabe for alexander karpovtsev (ouch!)

well, anything made by pulford/smith or bobby clarke maybe should be qualified as out of the discussion!

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