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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
2000-2004: 0/4 Playoff Appearances

2005-2009: 4/4 Playoff Appearances

Yeah clearly he did a better job pre-lockout.

Sports is about winning, you don't get or lose bonus points for the how.
Y did you utterly fail to respond to what was the valid legitimate point in his post?

He's got some of the absolute worst FA signings of all time under his belt. He had 4 of the top 10 worst contracts in sports within 5 years. Drury, gomez, redden and now Richards all are players who by year 2 or 3 had fallen off the cliff.

BUT you do have to credit him for jumping on jagr for beans, presiding over the current scout team and getting so many great young guys, signing gabs, trading for McD (Which wipes away the gomer signing), etc. Mixed bag but the results speak loudest to me and the results are mediocre if I'm being kind

Bill Belichick is a bona fide genius and he'll be the first to tell you late in drafts you're throwing darts so the amount of credit Sather gets for Hank is nill

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