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Originally Posted by Bobblehead View Post
I don't get the two surveys? Which came first, which came after and why the difference in numbers.... robo calls?

142 respondents in that survey. over a 1100 in this one. Seems like the majority has spoken? Or do you want to copy Quebec again and say that one doesn't count we need another vote until our side wins?
There is no doubt in my mind HA had an agenda in my mind and most of what they did was in an effort to fufill that agenda. And the parents, constituents, and organizations views be dammed.
The conspiract theorist in me thinks that when HA didnt get the results they wanted out of the 1st survey,they did another one. I wasnt even aware of the 2nd one. I do know many organizations did their own surveys and the results of the HA last poll wasnt close to been replicated.
Im waiting now for lacrosse, football, rugby to all become non contact.. After all, kids get injured

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