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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Sure it wasn't entirely his fault, but he still played poorly. With hindsight it looks like a bad move at this point. But at the time, given the circumstances, I think most teams make the same move (signing a proven, former Vezina finalist rather than going with an unproven kid who imploded in his first post-season).

Both choices have risks. We are living the risks of getting Bryz...poor performance out of the "proven" commodity and stellar performance out of the young guy who imploded. There is also a risk in keeping Bob and not going after Bryz...Bryz plays well elsewhere, Bob fizzles and we are again looking for a franchise goalie.

Oh for sure, but having lots of talent, and having lots of time doesn't mean anything will actually happen. With the benefit of hindsight, it looks like it was a bad move. Bob put it together and played out of his mind this year. Bryz meanwhile has **** the bed at every turn. But again, at the time, neither of those things were guarantees. In fact, I would argue that at the time it seemed much more likely that Bryz plays at an elite level and Bob doesn't.

I would also like to point out that Bob has played three seasons. One good one, one bad one, and this one (which was only half a year). I'm not taking away from what he has done, but before we start getting too crazy let's see how he does next season.
Hindsight has little do to with it, there are plenty of people who thought going the Bryz route was incorrect at the time, because it was pretty clear Bob could be a starting goaltender. It was also clear, through simple math and knowledge of player career arcs, that for the long term Bob was a better choice than a 30 year old Bryz.

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