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05-08-2013, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
Are you joking? The popular sentiment is to blame Gillis over AV:

Canucks poll: Should GM Mike Gillis and/or coach Alain Vigneault be fired? (From the Vancouver Sun)

Fire AV: 9.7%
Fire Gillis: 23.42%
Fire Both: 53.71%
Fire Neither: 13%

That's 13,000 votes by the way.

The reason why is because if you look at AV's record only and ignore the way this team has played and how they've played the casual fan thinks AV is fine and it's easier for them to play armchair GM than armchair coach.

Make no mistake, Gillis is on a short leash. He's not getting a pass. But it's a fact that a GM typically outlives at least two coaches. If GMMG craps the bed in the next year (I think he only gets a year to make this team more entertaining in the regular season at least) I would fire him. Realistically he probably gets two years. If he and Aquaman are really as close as they say it might be more than that - look at how many mediocre GM's have lasted in their jobs around the league.

I find it rather funny that those supporting MG to the fullest are happy to throw out excuses that are somehow "just excuses" when it come to AV.

Like: MG is great because hes built a winning team. Or MG should get more chances because he went to game 7.

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