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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
Using that absurd logic, it would be to the COG's distinct financial disadvantage for the to have more events and more tenants, because they would end up having to pay the increased operating costs for the additional events without any offset from the increased revenue.
... And that's how you get an A in Clarkonomics. More events don't generate *any* revenue, just additional costs. Arena managers are supposed to approach booking like golf- the lower number the better. And apparently, maintaining a plain tile floor in the desert is much more costly than maintaining a slab of ice.

Glendale is practicing the future of economics! Everyone else is stuck using backward, antiquated, second millennium economics. Ice melts faster in the desert than in colder climates , dumping more money into something than you get back out of it is an unsound investment , an arena completely booked with events is significantly more profitable than an arena empty with all but a hockey team that hasn't made money in 17 years Glendale will be the shining beacon like other places that defied conventions with a vision of the future. Like the lush, forested Easter Island!

Or the expansive Aral Sea!

Originally Posted by Mungman View Post
Taken at face value what Clarkie is saying to me is the CoG's best course of action is to raze the arena, sell the land and continue paying the construction bond. The other option is to shovel good money after bad in the Clarkonomic world.
Indeed. Someone look at the original financing deal. See if there is an out clause for Glendale if the arena gets mysteriously destroyed. Might it be more worthwhile for Glendale to try and destroy the arena 'by accident', trying to cover their tracks (which will be comically bad, knowing them) to try and collect the insurance money on it?

Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
WRONG; it is very important to the NET COST of operating an arena. Consider that KC's Sprint Center is doing so well that they don't want an NHL/NBA team. They're making a NET PROFIT. Instead of KC paying the arena manager, the arena manager is paying KC a share of the profits. THAT is how it's supposed to be done folks.
Apparently, in the minds of some, the only thing that makes an arena profitable is a sports team. Do they think arena managers are eating up losses putting on concerts? Are the dog & pony shows just for the kids? Of course, in their mind, Kansas City probably doesn't exist, or exists in the same category as Metropolis, Gotham City, and Mayberry.

Originally Posted by Llama19 View Post
Marry!...Darin Pastor looks to finalize bid for Phoenix Coyotes

To quote:

"California investment executive Darin Pastor will be in Phoenix tomorrow to finalize his groupís proposed bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and keep them in Glendale.

Glendale spokeswoman Julie Frisoni said she was not aware of planned meetings with Pastor, but added the NHL also may be handling their logistics."
So, Pastor thinks he can still get in while the Great Gosbee & the NHL are reformulating their strategy? And Pastor will be in... Phoenix? Does junior know the city he is supposed to be negotiating with is Glendale? LOL at the Glendale spokeswoman not knowing anything about Pastor's intention to meet. Real serious bid there, perhaps the most serious we've seen in this entire saga.

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