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09-24-2006, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by oli500 View Post
My god. When I see some peoples reaction or what some people have to say about are team I truly question myself in wonder why I am a hab fan sometimes. It truly makes me sick. A goalie will allways show some rust in training camp. I mean how can you expect a goalie to be great when hes been off a couple months. You just cant come in and save everything especialy when your playing half a game because a goalie needs 3 periods to be effective. Its the same with are 0-4 start and wth players like samsonov. I remember when chow came in had a great training everyone jump on his bandwagon and he endid up being a huge disapointment. Or when we had a great training camp. went 6-2 and still missed the playoffs. You just cannot juge your season based on training camp.
Indeed, except I never question why I'm a Habs fan! It doesn't detract from my love for the team. But it does really disappoint me seeing fans jumping on players all the time, Samsonov looks bad in 3 preseason games, then say that, say he looks bad in the preseason don't say he sucks, was a waste of money, whatever. Huet plays decent, bad is a stretch as far as I'm concerned, I can admit that, he hasn't looked great, but that doesn't mean he's a bust, flash in the pan, a one year wonder. That's ludicrous. If preseason meant so much Bonk would have led our team in scoring last year.

Some fans just need to calm down, but I can't be too harsh on them, I get riled up about many hockey related things, the only difference is I'm not waiting to pick the next player to jump on and bash, because when it comes down to it he's wearing the CH and I'm going to give him more than a couple meaningless tune up games before I begin to try and chase him out of town!

So everyone should just chill out, which won't happen I know, haha, and let the preseason ride out. Enjoy the good games from rookies turning heads, enjoy watching Saku looking as good as he ever has, enjoy the improved play of some of our guys and get ready for the real thing in a couple weeks!

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