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Originally Posted by ieglover View Post
I think the biggest issue we had with Nabby is that we never felt like he could steal us a series or carry up through a postseason. He was a good goalie, but thats all he ever was, just a good goalie. Never much better, never much worse. Made most of the saves he should (Gave up a softy 5 hole every once in awhile), but he never made the amazing saves.
And THAT is what I am arguing against here (mostly). People's feelings. Because it's not about stats, or facts, or's just about a feeling.....from people that don't seem to really understand goaltending.

Nabby had several incredible series. Many of his efforts were wasted on teams that didn't score. Short of JS Giguere nearly going the entire WCF without giving up a goal in 2003, I can't think of another single successful team in modern play that made it all the way to the SCF on such little offensive output. It is a TEAM game.

Nabokov made many amazing saves. His robbery of Brad Richards in that 2008 Game 6 OT is one of the most amazing saves in modern playoff history. All he needed from his offense was two goals over 7 periods....and he couldn't even get that much.

He DID have great series. He DID make great saves. He DID carry his team at times. No, not every single series or every single game. But one can only carry a team so long by oneself. You can't lose a 0-0 playoff game, but you can't win a 0-0 playoff game either. At a certain point, the offense needs to score, too. If they don't, you lose.

Originally Posted by ieglover View Post
You are completely right. The reason the sharks lost most of those playoff games is because their scoring didnt come through. But thats how the playoffs are, you cannot always rely on scoring your way to wins. Your goaltender needs to put up 0, 1, 2 goals per game.
Yes. Which Nabby did. Frequently.

Over his last 3 postseasons with the Sharks, he allowed 2 goals or fewer in regulation 15 times. The team's record in those games? 7-8.

The Sharks were a sub-.500 team, even in the games where Nabby was phenomenal.

Originally Posted by ieglover View Post
2012: Quick 1.41 GAA .946SV
2011: Thomas 1.98 GAA .940SV
2010: Niemi 2.63 GAA .910SV
2009 MAF 2.67GAA .912SV
2008 Osgood 1.55 GAA .930SV
Average Goals Scored Per Game

2012 Kings: 3.00
2011 Bruins: 3.36
2010 Blackhawks: 3.55
2009 Penguins: 3.29
2008 Red Wings: 3.27

Nabokov's 2004 was very much the equivalent of any of those guys....1.71 GAA, .935 SV%....and that couldn't even get the Sharks to the SCF.

Originally Posted by ieglover View Post
In Nabbys last 4 years with the teams in the playoffs, he posted .920, .907 .890 .907 save %. Very bleh, nothing to write home about, certainly not the type of numbers that is going to carry a team to the cup.
Those numbers are on par with and arguably better than Niemi's or MAF's numbers in the years they won their Cups.

And save for maybe....MAYBE....Quick (and really not even him), none of those other goalies you listed "carried" their teams to the Cup. All the rest had some pretty darn potent offenses.

If a .920/.907/.907 SV% is just "very bleh" to you and isn't good enough....then what do you call a guy with .914/.910/.896 SV% and a 2.86 career GAA in the playoffs?

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