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05-08-2013, 10:02 PM
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No doubt daniel needs to put the puck in the net more. However, in his defense for 7 SCF games he had a center that was having issues skating (Henrik was hurt from the second round on and obviously so). 2 games he shouldn't have even been playing in all likelihood. No excuse this series though.

But then again it is also somewhat cherry picking of a stat. yes 1 goal in his last 16 or 9 in his last 31. Again likely not enough but including those games becomes the difference between a 5 goal pace and a 24 goal pace for instance.

Or to put it another way...yes in the last 16 he hasn't scored enough. In the previous 16 he scored at a 40 goal pace. He was a huge part of the offense against Chicago and a big part against San Jose. Which really just again illustrates the same thing over and over....the team simply depends far too much on the Sedin line putting up significantly more than a goal a game in the playoffs and well every game. They don't do that then they don't win. In the playoffs you have to be able to withstand power outages to your big name players because it will happen when they go up against someone they simply can't seem to solve. 3 series wins in the last 3 years (all in one year). Against the Hawks the Sedins scored the majority of goals for the cauncks. Against the Preds Kesler was a beast. Against the Sharks the Sedins again stepped up (namely Henrik). Against the bruins everyone was hurt so I have a hard time criticizing too heavily. Someone somewhere has to step up and win some games for the team as well. It can't always be Henrik, Daniel, and Kesler.

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