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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
1. They both agree to contract extensions prior to the trade
2. They both waive NMCs
3. This would will never happen
4. This is the silliest proposal I've ever made (probably not actually true)
5. Is there any scenario where Pitt thinks about trading Malkin?

Ryan Miller 6.25 in 13-14, 5.5 in 2014-2017
(agreeing to 4 year extension for a total of 5 year contract)
Tyler Myers 5.5
2013 8th overall (1st)
2013 55th overall (2nd)
2014 1st rounder
2014 2nd rounder


Evgeni Malkin 8.7 in 13-14, 9.0 in 2014-2022(agreeing to a 8 year extension for a total of 9 year contract
Marc Andre-Fleury 5.0

(this is where I debate even posting this... **** it....)

I feel that the Pens would seriously consider trading Malkin because of the hard salary cap era. you cant be paying all your stars like stars like days in the past.

They would move Malkin for a player who would fit in nicely as a #2 Center + young player or 2 + picks.

Hodgson+Miller+McNabb+ MIN 1st for Malkin....contingent on him signing an extension. If they want the #8 pick then buffalo is getting something else back.

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