Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs lose 3-2 to Sens Pt. Deux
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05-08-2013, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by jedimyrmidon View Post
The NHL is rooting for Anderson and Karlsson. People looove these guys. Also, what better way to raise the Sens' profile and promote the franchise than a gongshow of a series like this one? Not saying there is a conspiracy, but you are wrong when saying the NHL has nothing to gain.

Most importantly, if this were to happen to their team, they would not accept it, know that the there was no excuse for the reffing, and even the Team would not accept it. THAT'S how strongly the Habs were screwed over yesterday.

Those saying the icings had nothing to do with the outcome clearly haven't watched much hockey where MANY goals are scored after having an icing called against a tired team OR are just trying to make themselves feel good about the Sens win. It was KARLSSON skating in molasses! Hey, what happened to the 'best skater in the NHL'? Huh, apparently, it doesn't apply in circumstances like these.
The NHL doesn't care about Ottawa. It's a bland franchise like Buffalo, for them. They don't bring toooons or revenues to share, they have no power of attraction on the road (and I mean no power), and they have one of the worst revenue stream of all canadian clubs.

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