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09-24-2006, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by plafleur10 View Post
I hope this does not go deeper and involve a "purge" of Savard-drafted prospects vs. Gainey-drafted prospects.

Or for that matter Gainey/Carbo throwing a local boy at the fans to attone for not signing JP Dumont.

If you have noted, Carey Price has also been drawing positive comments, while we have heard almost nothing from the brass about Andrei Kostsysnin, another Savard guy...
Timmins did have something to say in the Savard era as well. Would be surprised Gainey goes against Timmins as well......

I believe that if you think the expectations are high as far as the crowd have for Latendresse, the expectations are much higher for Kostitsyn as far as the organization is concerned for those reasons:

1- minus his health problem, the Habs thought he was top 5 in the most talented category.
2- they have the pressure that most of the top 30 and more of that incredible draft year, have already some good success in the NHL. Only Jessiman, Fehr, Tambellini and Boyle aren't important players in their respective team. But again is a draft problem or a development problem. Did they underestimate the fact that Kosty stayed in his home town? Did they overestimate Kosty's work ethic?????

Habs seems to like picking around 15th to 20th. Before that, they panic and make mistakes (minus Price, I hope.....)

So as a player, which one would you like. Expectations from crowd or expectations for the one that actually hire you.....

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