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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
Thanks for contributing nothing to the boards but your angst. Yet another "Player X sucks" post.

Perhaps it would be more useful to point out why you think smyth is no longer an NHL player.

This season, he scored 13 pts in 47 games, with a -5. He played on the PK and also had to play out of position at centre for a stretch of games. Is that his fault? No, he's not a centre but he played it anyways because the Oiler management was too idiotic to find a replacement.

By Comparison, Teemu Hartikainen played in 23 games, scored 3 pts and was a -8. Who's the more useless player?

Ben Eager scored 2 pts in 14 games and was a -14.
Young centre Anton Lander scored 1 pt in 11 games and was -4.

I'm not saying that Smyth was all that good, but he was clearly better than any of these other options.
If you go to the site that shows how you perform with each player.

Something becomes obvious.

ryan smyth was a 9 even point -26 season player with Brown, Pettrell, Eager.

He was a 32 even point +6 season player with everyone else.

MacT said we need bottom six that contribute!

what we do not need is three players who are such goal differential black holes they turn the fan base on a a real hockey player.

with mike brown he played 15 games (175.25 min) of even;
they were 2GF 9 GA on pace for -42 together.

Smyth was a plus player and a 39 th ranked even point pace for LW without the bad 3.

Smyth was the 24th best LW for even points last year.

So all you experts.

Is smyth the top 20 PK winger who was a top 40-25 ranked LW @ even with real players.

or is he the 9 point -26 player he was with Brown, Pettrell, Eager.

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