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05-09-2013, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Promethesis View Post
botchford should realize that he's a gongshow of a reporter at this point. shut the **** up botchford. nobody likes you, nobody respects your retarded opinions.
that article was 100% on point...example:

It doesnít matter anymore if the Canucks are in the right. It doesnít matter if the Sharks embellished more. It doesnít matter if every 50-50 call went San Joseís way. It doesnít even matter if the refs made calls to settle old scores.

What matters is the Canucks have a loathsome reputation for antagonizing referees, both on the ice and off it, and it seems to have put a target on their backs and itís one they canít seem shake.

It sure hasnít helped them. Instead, the more they complain, the more there is to complain about, creating a vicious cycle they have to end and the only way to do that is silence. A lot of it.

The Sharks did dive more than the Canucks. The calls were inequitable, and in more than a few cases, entirely unfair. Thereís a seven-minute video circulating on YouTube which strings together about a dozen calls. If you donít watch that and leave thinking the Canucks were jobbed, you may be walking through life blindfolded.

For the Canucks, none of this should matter. The reality is they didnít lose because of calls. They lost because they werenít as good as the Sharks.

Try and blame the officials during their locker cleanout today and it only fortifies the narrative that the whiners are at it again, and this time theyíre complaining about calls in a sweep.

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