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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
The parents are the ones making the decision. I dont really care what a study says or doesnt say tbh. Ive got personal life experiences that have helped to shape my pov. There was hitting in hockey from the get go when I started playing. I took a break for a couple years then went back into a highly physical league and it was a big adjustment.

Everyone has different experiences but that was mine and it would have been much easier for me to have not taken a break than to have done so, trying to adjust to the hitting and physicality again. No question. No study needed.

If you plan on playing contact hockey later on then it only makes sense to learn those fundamentals along with skating, puckhandling, shooting etc. If you dont plan on playing contact hockey that option should be available to you/your kids. Why take the personal choice away? Its absolutely ridiculous.
Taking a break for two years and going back is a lot different from entering a division where everyone is learning to hit. You were playing against players much more experienced with contact than you.

Ironically the solution of seperating contact at peewee and earlier would put a lot of children in that exact same situation. Kids are going to want to move from non-contact to contact and vice versa (not such a problem).

That kid moving to contact against experienced players is in a ton more danger in my opinion than a kid moving into contact and learning the same time as his pears.

The solution of not allowing a child to move from non-contact to contact won't hold up in courts either in my opinion.

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