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05-09-2013, 02:19 AM
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What's upsetting is I have a BBQ Friday evening with one of my gf's coworkers and her bf who's a huge Habs fan. That he's a Habs fan is fine, I live near Montreal afterall (lol) but that I'll have to hear all about that series vs. getting to watch most of game 5... that's sad.

The flip side of it is that the Rangers do poorly literally every time I watch, and I mean even in sequences. Like tonight. I missed the first part and we went up 2-0. I came back and saw the Caps tie it up. I afk'd a bit and come back to see 4-2. Literally one minute after I return the Caps bring it to 4-3. I close the window out of fear and we win it. This is not a one-off occurrence. I am horrible for the Rangers. Or some superior being is punishing me. I don't believe in superstitious nonsense but damn it's some freaky coincidence all the time.

I will stay away!

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