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01-02-2004, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Looger
straka and satan are very streaky players. though satan's production took off after being traded to buffalo, no truth to the rumour it's because the team crest has red eyes and hooves!

modano historically has been a slow starter. he's taking off now.

roman hamrlik? his ice time is down too i think, maybe jane ninniima's presence means a dropoff in PP time. only watched like three isles games this year. anyone have insight?

o'neill only had one 40-goal season, people keep pegging him to do much better every year for some unknown reason.

lidstrom and jovanovski have put up big numbers in the past - and both of their teams are doing well on the PP. why their production is down is a mystery to me. change of scenery worked for jovo before, bet he'd fetch a big return.

samsonov is injured, whether he plays or not. he needs a year off, forsberg-style. and murray's production can probably be linked historically with thornton's.

my own picks for (projected) increased post-trade production:
jaromir jagr
jere lehtinen
I would agree that O'Neill 40 goal season appears to be a fluke but I was talking about why he only has 4 goal last I checked his goals have been way down.

"Modano historically has been a slow starter." I don't really buy that usually to be a point a game play you have to be consistent not just a first half or second half guy. It's not like you will always play weak teams in the 2nd half so how does he pad his stats to become known as being a slow starter. I understand it could be because he is more into the game after having 40 games or so to get into a flow.

Why was Modano's +/- so bad though I have to chalk it up to the Lehtinen injury or that bad financial deal Modano blamed it on. Has it ever been that bad? Which is why I said he isn't playing well. It also possible that he isn't the great 2 way center every one thinks he is. Nor the franchise player every one thinks he is. Maybe you can say the capatiancy was too much. Either way he has turned it on now

I forgot Samsonov had been injured. As for Murray's production linked with Thornton's. why that's true my question still remains unanwsered whats wrong with him?

my own picks for (projected) increased post-trade production:
jaromir jagr
jere lehtinen

I think Jagr problem is in his head it won't help him to be traded it could worsen it though.
IF he think his own production will go up if he plays in a different system than goes and it remains the same hecould go into a funk. Jagr would have to go someplace where he can coach too and he won't get that anywhere I feel.

Maybe you can explain why Lehtinen will get better numbers post trade. I think his number will stay the same no matter what system he plays for. he gets his goals from his defense.

Brookbank wherever that guy ends up his number could only go up since he'd be playing. The canucks got him right? Thats final right?

And before any body jumps on me for saying "Modano might not be the franchise player every one thinks he is." Palffy wasn't thought of as the Kings fanchise player till the 2nd half of last season. when he was playing out of his mind after a slow start. Everybody was saying he was a slow starter too this season he starts hot too and becomes our captain when Norstrom was injured and is one of the most underrated players on the boards.

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