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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
To me, it's not luck. He's obviously good at trading for the higher end players. However, the part that also isn't luck to me is his draft history and the team's development history. Also, his overall inability to competently build a roster especially at the depth levels. There's no reason to be absolute about him. He's done a lot of very good things and he's made many mistakes as well.

For a team that aspires to build a Cup champion caliber team, you would think that at least some of those issues would be a potential deal-breaker for people in whether they'd let him go.
It's not so much being absolute about it. It's realizing that a lot of things are out of any GMs control and he's done mostly good with the options available. Bottom 6 players have mostly just not played to the level that he expected or history said they should have. A guy like Zeus was a terror to play against when he was with LA and pretty much every other team. It was entirely reasonable for DW to expect a higher level of play. That didn't materialize. Not really DW fault. No one should be *****in about slight overpayments though. That is a fact of life as a SJ fan. History has shown FA don't want to come to SJ. They have to be traded there to see what it's like then they realize how great it is.

Many teams reaching for the shiny cup trade away valuable assets to try and make a run. When the team is close the GMs go all out. DW isn't the only one guilty of that. I'm not saying everything he's done has been perfect, I'm just saying he's easily above average as a GM and the reality is the sharks could have been a lot worse off with someone else at the helm. The grass isn't always greener.

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