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05-09-2013, 03:50 AM
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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
I disagree strongly that they played solidly game in and game out. After every game people had been complaining about how invisible the Sedins had been, so to look back now and say they played solid is really ignoring how they actually played and just saying they were solid because anything less and we'd actually have to do something to address it.

Also that's essentially the same team that we had this year. I'm not sure why you would want that. The team proved it's not good enough, so bringing it back for another shot is really just wasting another year.
You're not answering my main comments. I said they were not the only problem. They were simply just as bad as everyone else. Please tell me what you think the Canucks should do? Tear up NTC's? Trade away some ELC? You said bringing back the team is wasting another year. The Sedins, Kes, Bieska, Garrison and Hamhuis all have NTC. Instead of *****ing about the Sedins yet again, what do you suggest the Canucks do? They are going to have Cap probs, they have 3 contracts that are problems (Luongo, Booth and Ballard - and do you think at this point they are going to get anything of value for Booth or Ballard, and I know you would like to keep Luongo, but lets get realistic, but it seems that his value was what, 2 2nd rounders).

You constantly harp of the team as is, in particular the highest scoring two players. Fine. Make a realistic suggestion as what you would like the team to do. Without trading away a 1st round draft pick. Without moving a NTC. Who would you buy out? (as per the new CBA, you get 1 buy out this year and one next year). Yes the team has problems. But fixing it isn't easy.

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