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05-09-2013, 04:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Bagge View Post
I assume you are being ironic, but sense you are not.
How can this be a bad year for Denmark? Oliver Lauridsen and Nicklas Jensen got their debute in NHL and a few others are closer on their dream. If it werent for a moronic agent Frederik Andersen would probably also have had his debute.

In terms of our NT we very fast gets accustomed to get our top players home from NA. Imagine us ***** about only having four NHL-players in our roster ten years ago? The idea seems far-fetched and shows how fast we gets spoiled having our best players available all the time.

I must admit that even though I am disappointed about our depth on the NT I am happy for Lars Eller that he found his niche in Montreal and that Nielsen seems to have found his place in Long Island and finally logs playoff minutes. In the long run I am sure the danish NT will benefit from these circumstances also.

Yes we failed in qualifying for the olympics and yes, the WC underlines that there is yet a lot to be done.

Nevertheless, in the end of the year, I would still have a good feeling about this season for danish hockey. Besides a couple of debutes where one was less expected we got another defenseman on a entry level contract in NHL. With draft just around the corner and a couple of prospects lined up, we are ready to take another step forward adding to our NA roster.

Hopefully Regin finds out that NHL isnt for him and return to Europe. And even though Bødker have had an ok season in Coyotes, I still think the big ice suits him better. Maybe it is time for some of the boys to return home and make it in KHL instead.

Lighten up, the future is bright.
Maybe I was overreacting a little But you have to remember that I don't put as much into NHL debut's as others might do.

Im pretty much devastated by the fact that San Jose just beat my team with no resistance, and I wrote that pretty close after, so maybe my feelings got in the way.

I still don't see this year being that great, ill admit, there have been some good happenings, and the year started well. Eller has been impressive, and that's why it sucks even more that he get's injured.

Hansen was not up to his best for Van in PO: Jensen really, REALLY sucked down in Chicago, and I was less than impressed with him or the rest of the team during OGQ.

Regin is probably done in the NHL, which was clearer then ever this year. Andersens agent might just have screwed Andersen big time. Frans Nielsen is finally getting PO time but I dunno, I just expected more of him.

Larsen is confusing to watch, really..

I am honest to god when I say that I think it has been a bummer year for the NT, okay maybe not danish hockey in general, but the Danish NT. Oliver Lauridsen is one of few lights of the season.

But yeah as you say, I also think Regin and Boeds are better on big ice.

Future does look bright, but every year it just seems we are missing a few bricks to the puzzle. I think that Norway game really rattled me, they got under my skin and its annoying too see a team have succes no matter how awful they are

But to clarify, not as negative as I made my initial post sound

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