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05-09-2013, 04:55 AM
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Originally Posted by doaner View Post
Then who cares about this guy that was stabbed to death then? Why are we dwelling in this?
His family. His friends. His co-workers. He's not more important than the DPS officer or vice versa, his demise just happens to be far more dramatic, twisted and last but not least, involves a mormon in an heavily LDS populated city. Is what it is, personally I don't care much about the trial other than I feel sorry for the guy.

Originally Posted by rt View Post
She shot him in the head while he was taking a shower. That most vulnerable moment in which we all dread. Then she stabbed him thirty times and cur his throat so aggressively that he was nearly decapitated. The crime scene photos leaked all over the internet. The media LIVES for this.
The sickest part of those photos being leaked is that you can see this poor young mans brutal slaughter...stab wounds everywhere, face looks like a bat taken to it, gun shot to head, near decapitation, etc. etc. yet if his penis is visible, they make sure it's blurred out. It says a lot about our puritan culture and I don't mean that in a good way. A bunch of violence loving ass-backward prudes. It's embarrassing.

Originally Posted by AP View Post
Her biggest mistake in all of this was that she never kept her mouth shut in the beginning and she hasn't learned that lesson now. This interview she has done seems nothing more than a way to trick this jury into not giving her a death sentence.
Personally I think killing the guy was her biggest mistake but to each their own.

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