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05-09-2013, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Of course it should matter. Vast majority of calls and non-calls are judgement calls - can go either. If a player involved has a history of diving or a history of never diving or a history of "malignant" play then absolutely YES that knowledge should factor in how the ref makes the judgement call.

When making split second decisions on incomplete knowledge, reputation 100% should be taken into account.
At some point, they have to let go of reputation and call the actual play of the game before them. Matt Cooke gets the benefit of the doubt even when it comes to supplemental discipline, even when he hurts players. The Canucks never hurt anyone but themselves with the diving but they're still getting occasional supplemental discipline by unaccountable on-ice officials for plays from 2 years ago.

And people still haven't let the Canucks diving go, but they've already let the Sharks off the hook. If it was disgraceful then, it's disgraceful now, no matter which team.

Officiating didn't cost the series though, Canucks were losing fair and square. The officiating is costing the league, the whole league.

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