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Originally Posted by KevyD View Post

Where were these groups when the (Jamieson) AMF was available???
I think this is a pretty good indication that these groups aren't at all in it for the long haul. It's either all for show, or they want to bail on Glendale after a few years.

Jamison left no stone unturned when trying to piece together backers for the hockey team when he had the $300 million subsidy in his pocket. If Gosbee et al really had $240 million lying around that they wanted to invest in the Coyotes, they would have found Jamison or vice versa. Jamison was exploring immigration scams for foreign investors to try to raise capital, you think he'd at least call up Gosbee to see if he's interested, especially since Gosbee seems to have the Ice Edge clowns in his posse.

I know Jamison apparently wanted a ridiculous ownership stake (i.e. 25%) for arranging the subsidy, but once he figured out that wasn't going to work, if the Great Gosbee and company were truly interested in Glendale, then Jamison could have and should have rearranged the deal to have Gosbee purchase the team. Jamison wouldn't get 25% ownership, but I'm sure he could have taken a handsome fee of say $1 million for brokering the deal.

That would have been a far better option for everyone involved - Jamison would have $1 million or so instead of the nothing that he now has, and the Gosbee group could have got their hands on the $300 million subsidy.

Everyone must realize the next subsidy package won't be as good as the Jamison one, therefore the only conclusion I can come to is that these new would-be owners want to get their hands on the team in order to move it. Anything they can get to limit the losses in the short term is great, but the team will leave ASAP.

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