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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post

And the rest of the team counts for nothing. LOL.

You are an interesting case. I am probably as big of a Red Wings fan as you, and we often argue on the same side, but honestly you do our case more harm than good with glaring holes all over your argument.
Who is the #4 defenseman on some other Cup winners in the pre-lockout period?

Richard Matvichuk. Slava Fetisov. Jiri Fischer. Jon Klemm. Vladimir Malakhov.

Klemm is the only one who comes remotely close to Eriksson's level of play career-wise, and Roy won the Smythe that year. And that was on a team where the top-three were Bourque/Blake/Foote; which is better than Lidstrom/Murphy/Fetisov by a fair bit.

Conclusion: Osgood is unfairly criticized as if he played on a far greater team than contemporary Cup-winning goalies like Belfour, Brodeur or Roy. It's not true. Maybe if Konstantinov hadn't been injured, it would be true. But if that were the case, he would have more Cups (Osgood was Detroit's best player in 99 as of the end of the Anaheim series; his injury is why they were eliminated), and wouldn't be criticized at all.

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