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05-09-2013, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
Problem is not your or anyone's else opinion. Problem is lies in the fact that there are two rival sides that voice same old arguments (using even the exact same sentences no less) in every thread they manage to find here. It frustrating for anyone who doesn't have a strong stance in this message board war.

Just for fun I'll point out my favorites:

Russian prospect to NA? Peter25, vorky - he's ruined, Larionov and other evil agent conspiracy, funny money, etc.

Finnish team in KHL? Jussi or any random ''Scandinavian", - not gonna happen, rivalries, nation ''x'' don't care about Russia, etc.

I could continue, but I'm sure we've all seen examples of this, and not only in this sub forum.

I understand that no one here will ever change their stance, but, please, think about neutrals and freshen up your gig ffs.
The "funny" part about the Russian prospect stuff is neither poster mentioned is a Russian...

I admit to playing a broken record but when there's misinformation spread around(like Jari Kurri being in St. Petersburg to meet Jukka Jalonen would mean = Finnish KHL club!!11!!), I'm so anally retentive that I must correct them. The Swedish posters have basically done the same as I have, corrected false assumptions about the hockey/sports cultures that people have of our nations.

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