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Originally Posted by molsonmuscle360 View Post
They should be lowering the age, not raising it. I think they should start teaching how to hit in practice in novice, and should have contact in atom, before the early bloomers start shooting up.

Having a bunch of hormone fueled 13-15 year olds just learning how to hit is going to cause a lot of situations where people aren't respecting each other and pulling dirty hits.
If that were true, you would see a higher injury rate in the data from Quebec. Injury rates in Bantam in QC (where hitting starts in Bantam) are the same as in AB (where hitting starts in PeeWee). That means teaching kids to hit in PeeWee DOES NOT reduce their injuries later. It doesn't "teach" them how to take a hit. It does nothing to help reduce brain injuries. Why can't you guys understand that? Its in the data. Its not an opinion. All of the arguments for hitting in PeeWee are purely opinion and emotion and "common sense" which really is another way of saying "popular opinion".

I think they should start teaching the basics of body checking (angling, separating the opponent from the puck) in PeeWee. I think they should split Bantam into Major/Minor, so first year kids get used to it with other first year kids.

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