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05-09-2013, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Alaskanice View Post
Doug Wilson is one of the absolute best GM's in the NHL today. I can see and understand the gripes about him but most are based on our supposed knowledge of hockey.
No doubt there will be some who accuse me of being a homer but this team has had a chance every year he's been here. Why do you all ignore that?? Because they haven't won the cup?? I'm bummed as well but at least they've had the chance. Not many other teams have that longevity.
People here lambasted him for picking up Torres and Hannan. Both are proving to be shrewd moves on his part. Yet, he is vilified for the Burish signing. Now he has a load of draft picks and still, Burish is trash, DW needs to be fired.
That's too easy and truly unimaginative. We should appreciate that we are in the hunt every single season.
I'll step off my soapbox now.
That depends on what you define as a chance to win the Cup. I don't think they had a chance to win the Cup until Boyle arrived and kudos for him for taking advantage of that situation. They had a three year window when he arrived and aren't in it now, I don't believe. There are many transgressions in the past that has led to where they're at now that can't be forgiven just because they swept the Canucks this year.

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