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05-09-2013, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by DCSemi View Post
Hey, mon désillusionné comparse, don't tell me that in the 11k people in your arena, there isn't a bunch of morons. We saw a couple in game #1 & #2.
I won't tell you that because it isn't true. Of course there are a few morons in Halifax. What I'm saying is that the hockey culture in Baie-Comeau is different; and foolishness like smashing beer bottles on the opponents bus is more prevalent in B-C than it is in Halifax. No honest person that has been following the QMJHL for the last 10+ years would say otherwise.

You never step a single foot in CHL, so, how do you know what happens there, sir?
I had a couple of Rempart scouts come and check me out was I was young goalie! Couldn't skate for my life though so no, can't say I've played in the CHL. Not sure why that's relevant but whatever.

It must be nice living in Halifax, everything seems to be perfect to you.
It is! Halifax is a beautiful city!

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