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Originally Posted by Stump View Post

If it's true that all of these last minute shoppers are popping out of the woodwork to buy the team, you can be assured that Bettman has moved to Plan B. Plan B is likely a local sale with the option to move after a set number of years. It's safe to say that today no one would look at this purchase unless there was a gigantic, never-ending subsidy, or a relocation option. Gosbee might be willing to lose $70 million over five years if he can recoup that with a relocation down the road.
Well you see, I have difficulties to believe that, because PKP is first on the waiting list (for buying and relocate) since the last two years and he was second on the list before the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg.

Now, if you give an option to move to those jokers, you can be sure that they will move the franchise. You screwed PKP, who, I guess, wont be happy. And with PKP pissed off, you can say "au revoir" to your big expention fee.

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