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Originally Posted by Domhnall Dubh View Post
I won't tell you that because it isn't true. Of course there are a few morons in Halifax. What I'm saying is that the hockey culture in Baie-Comeau is different; and foolishness like smashing beer bottles on the opponents bus is more prevalent in B-C than it is in Halifax. No honest person that has been following the QMJHL for the last 10+ years would say otherwise.
Hockey culture in Baie-Comeau is sure different because guess what, that's the only thing in this city that "holds" the city together. People are proud for their team and they sure love it! Population is about 27k so everybody knows everybody, they love hockey. Of course, there are some morons who can't take alcohol. They act like dumbasses and it embarass the whole town. I spoke to my dad this morning. He is an avid Drakkar fan. Ticket holder since Drakkar joined the Q and he was mad as hell when I told him about the beer bottles on Mooses' bus. "We will be treated like pure a-holes because of a bunch of stupid people". And by the way, my father know a couple of those morons and the majority of 'em are pre-20s.

It's pretty sad that as soon as an unwanted event happens in an arena (or outside), people jump to conclusion and call the whole city moron, say that the arena is dangerous for kids or whatever.

You never stepped a foot in the CHL, yet, you still trash-talking about people in Baie-Comeau.

And that, to me, is pathetic.

I've never been to Halifax in my whole life (I regret that by the way). I saw morons in Game 1 and Game 2. I have friends who got called many many names when they visited your Holy See Arena. However, I will never say things like you said. Never ever. Few people aren't majority.

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