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05-09-2013, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
C'mon, you know this is a complaint thread, not a discussion thread. What are you doing?
One of the reasons threads are rife with critcism and negativity after a loss and mostly quiet during a win is the natural desire to vent (albeit irrationally in most cases) out of frustration and no two people deal with negative emotions exactly the same. It's human nature at a basic level. Dealing with a win is totally different and the lack of board presence after a win should indicate posting on HFBoards, or any social medium, is much less likely due to the kind of emotions felt. After a loss people need a place to let steam off and what better place than the Internet where there are little repercussions and the comfort of those feeling similar frustrations in large numbers? Misery loves company and there is plenty of both on HFNYR after a loss.

That's why it is silly and futile to get upset with people who become reactionary or "bi-polar" after losses. It is an almost involuntary reaction, and calling people negative nancy and bad fans will not stop it from occurring.

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