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Originally Posted by CanaFan View Post
EVERY team in the NHL has prospects that look like they "have a chance of making it somewhere". Know what happens to 90% of them? Nothing. This is the fallacy that plagues fans when looking at Gillis' draft - because it is "too early" to judge, every prospect who looks like he can skate, hit, or pass the puck looks like a potential NHLer. By comparison, we've had sufficient time to determine which of Nonis' picks were "busts". But you realize that Nonis had just as many picks play in the AHL as Gillis, right? I mean, at the time, Sergei Shirokov looked like a legit NHLer. Everyone thought Mario Bliznak was a future 3rd liner. Juraj Simek looked great in one year of junior after the draft and many thought we had a steal. So before you give too much praise to Gillis for a bunch of guys who are still "too early to judge" but "look like NHLers", think about how likely it is that any of these guys - beyond Gaunce, Jensen, and Corrado - will ever actually play more than a handful of games at the NHL level. And this is after 5 drafts for Gillis. Nonis had just 4 and produced Schneider, Hansen, Edler, Raymond, and Grabner. Seems to me Gillis gets a lot of benefit of the doubt on his drafting so far ...
He should.
You can't assess without adequate time.

Nonis had 4 years of drafting yes.
But we're right now we're assessing his draft record HOW many years after he was axed?

5 years after the fact?

When he was fired at the end of 07/08:

Schneider was impressive in the AHL as a starter. (Not unlike Lack)
Bourdon (RIP) while showing talent, was not quite ready for the NHL despite being touted
(Not unlike Schroeder)

Raymond was a surprise, showing promise in the NHL as an injury callup (Corrado)
Grabner was doing okay in the AHL, promising but needs more seasoning adjusting to the Pro game (Jensen)

Jannik Hansen was in between the AHL and NHL. A steal. (Chris Tanev is a permanent NHLer)
Edler was a young emerging NHL player (Not unlike Hodgson)

Then there's Gaunce, Rodin, Connauton (doing well with the Texas Stars), and the others.
If any of them become NHLers even as role players thats a bonus win.

Time will tell.
Gilllis' trajectory is at a minimum, in-line with Nonis' drafting.
Yes, FA acquisitions of prospects are more or less the same as drafting.

Then consider that Gillis drafts lower in the draft due to finishing high each year.
Didn't have as many picks, traded in preparation for a Cup run.

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